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Welcome to my internet site.

In the first instance, I wish to introduce myself and highlight my most important work as a German Lawyer.

In 2001, I gained my legal licence to practice German Law, and in December of 2008 I obtained my “Fachanwalt für Sozialrecht” title. This accreditation reflects my depth of knowledge in the specialist area of Social Law. This recognition is based on the correct handling of a certain number of cases and legal proceedings, as well as successfully passing written examination. 

In Germany, an accredited social law specialist holds the title Fachanwalt für Sozialrecht. The qualification of Fachanwalt is very difficult to obtain; in fact, the German system of accreditation probably sets very high standards.  You can be certain that a German Fachanwalt knows his specialist area.  The specialist areas of Social Law include areas of Housing, Welfare, Social Security, and Pension rights and also relates closely to employment issues.

I did my legal training and general practice in Germany, Spain and Colombia and I speak German, English and Spanish fluently. I began my employment career in general industry and progressed to Accountancy and culminated in Law Studies in Germany, further developing my legal experience in Spain and Colombia.  In 2006, I opened my own Law Firm in the centre of Berlin.

Within German Law I specialise in Social and Employment Law.  I am also a recognised expert in law relating to pensions specifically where there is a separation of married partners and problems relating to work funded pensions.   I can also advise on foreign payment of pensions for workers based in Germany but received salaries abroad.   In the same manner, I offer advice on problems with social security contributions paid abroad or in Germany.

My colleagues (Notary and Lawyers) are able to assist in other matters of specialist German Law, such as Family, Criminal and Company Law.

I am pleased to answer your enquiries by telephone or E-mail. 

Our opening hours are from Monday to Thursday 8:00 – 17:00 and on Friday from 8:00 – 12:00.   If you wish to make an appointment, please do so with advance notice.

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